Web Design

This one-semester elective course is intended to be an introduction to web design and a hands-on guide to web design methods, practices, and principles.

This course is structured as a sequence of 12 lessons and six Course Activities, as described in the Course Pacing Guide at the end of this document.

In most of the course activities, you will design and build a web page or a website, applying the principles and guidelines that you will have learned in the preceding lessons. You will submit the Course Activity documents to your teacher for grading.

In each lesson, you will complete a set of Lesson Activities that will help you learn, apply, and practice the lesson content. You will check your own answers in the Lesson Activities. Each lesson also has a multiple-choice mastery test. A multiple-choice end-of-semester test completes the course.

Hands-on learning (through Course Activities and Lesson Activities) is a major component of this course. To get the most out of this course, you should complete all of the Lesson Activities in each lesson.

In addition to lessons and Course Activities, the course includes six Course Discussions and five games, which you can access after you have completed the relevant lessons. Once a course discussion becomes available, you can continue to participate in it for the rest of the course.


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