Perkins, Rick

Academy Director

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

Dowling, Ana

Academic Instructional Leader -- Social Studies & CTE

M.A.Ed. Multicultural Education &  History

B.A. Anthropology

Norwood, Kelli

Academic Instructional Leader -- Language Arts, Health, & Physical Education


B.S. Sociology

Reed, Vicki

Academic Instructional Leader -- Mathematics & Science

M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
B.S. Liberal Arts

Segretto, Stephanie

Academic Instructional Leader -- Global Languages, Art & Music

M.Ed. Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning

Diplôme de langue

B.S. French Language

Allison, Loren

Mathematics Teacher

M.S. Curriculum & Instruction  

B.S. Integrated Mathematics

Allbritton, Ashley

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Allsbrook, Jennifer

Biology Teacher

M.A. Life Sciences

B.S. Biology & Chemistry Secondary Education      

Anderson, Autumn

Art Teacher

B.F.A. Art Education

Anderson, Autumn

Art Teacher




Anger, Stephanie

Chemistry Teacher

B.A. Chemistry

M.A. Science Education - Chemistry 7-12

Asma, Sarah


BA Mathematics

Bainbridge, Amanda

Spanish Teacher

M.A. Teaching Languages (Spanish) 

Bates, Melissa

French Teacher

M.A. Secondary Education
B.A. Public Relations & French

Beltz, Amanda

Science Teacher

B.S. Biology Education

Bernstein, Paige


B. S. Mathematics

Bibler, Jennifer

Art Teacher

BA: Studio Arts

MA: Art Education

Black, Krisit

English Teacher

B.S.E. English

Blasi, Zuzka


M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

B.S. Psychology

Blevens, Tricia

Language Arts Teacher

BS: Interdisciplinary Studies

ME: Online Teaching Certificate.

Blondeau, Stephanie

English Teacher

BA:  English 

Bocage, Areah


MA - Secondary Math Teaching

MA - Educational Leadership

BS - Mathematics

Bogdan, Jennifer

Art teacher

B.A. Art Education

Brinkley, Tiffany

Mathematics Teacher

BS Mathematics

BA Elementary Eduction

Buchanan, Angela

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BA:  Physical Education/Health

Cain, Courtney

Science & Mathematics Teacher

MS Educational Technology

BA Economics, minor in Education & Management

Caliguire, Christel

Health and PE Teacher

BSN Nursing
BS Biology
MS in Curriculum and Instruction and Administration

Cario, Julianna

English Teacher

BS:  Journalism 

Carlson, Rene


MEd Leadership - Curriculum

BS Mathematics & Computer Science

Carney, Jon

Music Teacher

M.M. - Tuba Performance and Literature

Carnicella, Norma Jean

Mathematics Teacher

M.S.  Secondary Mathematics Education
B.A.  Mathematics

Champlin, Mary (Maggie)

Secondary Social Science

Secondary Social Science Education

Chang, Rae

Chinese Teacher

B.A. Chinese

Clark, Jennifer

Clark, Jennifer

Bachelors in Mathematics & Teaching

Cobb, Carrie

Spanish Teacher

M.A.Ed Secondary Education
B.A. Spanish and Secondary Education

Colie, Kristie

Mathematics Teacher

​BS Mathematcs/Computer Science

MaED Curriculum & Instruction

Principal Certificate

Cook, Christopher

Music Teacher

MM Music Education
BA Music Education

Coombs, Karen

Music Teacher

M.A. Special Education - LBD projected graduation 2/2018

Coppeler, Cheryl

Mathematics Teacher



Cosgrove-Whitley, Joanne

Mathematics Teacher

M.A. Education
B.S. Mathematics
Ed. Specialist Educational Leadership

Cotton, Melissa

Science & Social Sciences Teacher


B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior, Minor in History

Cox, Lorie

Master of Education and School Counseling
Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences

Coyne, Michael

German Teacher

Davis, Reagan


MS - Secondary Education

BS - Business Administration

DeGrange, Jonathan

Mathematics Teacher

B.S. Mathematics: Secondary Education

DeLong, Debbie


M.A. Mathematics Education & Curriculum and Instruction

B.A. Mathematics

Dill, Andy

Health and PE Teacher

BS: Kinesiology 

Disz, Tim

Physical Education, Health and Language Arts Teacher

B.A. British and American Literature

M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction

Doss, LeeAnn

Art Teacher

BA:  Art Education 

MA: Art Education

National Board Certified Early and Middle Childhood Art

Ducz, Christine

Language Arts Teacher

BA: English/Secondary Education

M.A.Ed:  Curriculum and Instruction/Reading

Edmondson, Kelly

English Teacher

BA: English
BS: Psychology
ME: English

Elgin, Megan

English Teacher

Ellinwood, Carl

Music Teacher

M.A. Music Education
B.A. Music and Radio-TV-Film

Elya, Leslie


BA:  Journalism

MA: Teaching

M.Ed: Educational Leadership. 

Evanson, Karen

Music Teacher

B.A. Music Performance

Fabisch, Deidre

Mathematics Teacher

MAEd Educational Administration
BA Psychology

Forfia, Anthony

All social studies courses 6-12. Primarily: World and American History, Government, Geography, Middle School Social Studies, and Economics

Principal License (in progress)
Master of Library and Information Science + K-12 Media Specialist
BS in Education, Social Studies Comprehensive

Foster, Leroy

Ancient History

Course work for Ph. D in Curriculum Instruction
MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching, Emphasis in Political Science)
BA in Theology & Business Minor

Foxworth, Cynthia

French and Spanish Teacher

 M.A.T.  with French specialization

Frost, Robin


B. S. Secondary Mathematics Education

Gifted Certification


Gabbert, Floyd


BA Secondary Matehmatics Education

Gonzalez, Iliana

Spanish & Biology Teacher

MAEd in Adult Education
BS Biology

Gottlieb, Lauren

Language Arts Teacher

BA:  English

MA:  English


Gruenwald, Toria (Shellie)

Science & Social Sciences Teacher

M.S. Clinical Teaching: Special Education

B.S. Special Education

Ed.S. Educational Leadership

Hara-Nicholson, Rachel

Biology Teacher

M.S.  Biology       

Harris, Elke

German and Science Teacher

M.S. Education
B.S. in Agriculture and Environmental Science

Harris, LaToya


BA: Biology

MS:  Secondary Education


MS:  Educational Administration

Harris, Yulonn

Spanish Teacher

Ed.D- Educational Leadership

Harrison, Jan

Science Teacher

MS Cell & Molecular Biology

BS Biology & Chemistry

Hartman, Carolyn

Chemistry Teacher

 M.A.T. Science Education

B.S. Chemistry


Hartman, Trisha

PE/Health Teacher

BA:  Physical Education/Health

MS: Physical Education

Hefty, Kimberly

Mathematics Teacher

MET (Masters in Educational Technology)

BA Liberal Studies & Mathematics

Hewitt, Danielle

Physical Education/Health Teacher

B.S Kinesiology


Hoag, Kristopher

PE/Health Teacher

Bachelors in Secondary Education: English, Health, Physical Education, Recreation 6-12


Masters in Learning Disabilities K-12

Hockaday, Kathlene


MA - Mathematics

BA - Mathematics

Hodges, Susan

Science Teacher

Ed.S. Administration and Supervision

M.S. Science Education

B.S. Science

Hoffland, Kevin

Mathematics Teacher

M.S. Educational Technology
B.S.  Education

Holst, Katherine

Spanish Teacher

M.Ed World Language Instruction

Isaacson, Stephanie

Spanish Teacher

M.A. Education

Johnson, Amy

English Teacher

BSE:  Adolescence to Young Adult 

Johnson, Edward

Science Teacher

B.S. Biology

Jolly, Ryanne

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BS: Kinesiology

Karalis, Brittany

Spanish Teacher

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Bilingual Education

Kemp-McMenemy, Jennifer

English Teacher

M.Ed. in Secondary English

Kenon, Michaela

German, Business Education and Math Teacher

M.A. in Mathematics Education
B.S. in Computer Information Systems

Ketchem, Carrie


MS Applied Statistics
BS Secondary Education - Mathematics

Kisker, Tiffany

Mathematics Teacher

M. S. Mathematics Education

B. A. Elementary Education

Lairson, Clarissa

Physical Education/Health Teacher

Lampley-Moultry, Colette

Science Teacher

MEd Biology Education

BS Biology, minor in Chemistry & Human Services

Laroche-Howat, Annie

French and Social Studies Teacher

B.A. Teaching of French and Social Studies

Lawson, Amanda

Spanish Teacher

B.S. in Spanish Education

Leonard, Kelli

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Levander, Tanya

Art Teacher

BS: Art Education

Liegel, Margaret

Spanish Teacher

M. Ed. Bilingual Education

B.A. Hispanic LIterature and International Relations

Lindsey, Carolee

Spanish and Social Studies Teacher

Little, Christian

Science Teacher

B.A. Geology

M.A.Ed. Adolescent Earth Science

Liu, Christina

Chinese Teacher

Working on M.Ed. Educational Leadership.

Lu, Xiaojie

Chinese teacher

MED in Curriculum Studies
BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Malak, Kimberly

Science Teacher

M.A. Science Education

B.S. Broad Field Science

Mangum, Matthew

Spanish Teacher

BA Social/Behavioral Sciences
Spanish Linguist Certificate (Defense Language Institute)

McCormick, Megan

English Teacher

BA: English and Political Science
ME: Initial Teaching

McCoy, Scott

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BS: Health and Physical Education

McKenzie, Jennifer

Spanish Teacher

M.A. Education and Teacher Leadership

McRandal, Diane

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BS: Health and Physical Education

Student Assistance Training

Medel, Courtney

English Teacher

BA: English Literature, Emphasis in Writing


M.A.Ed Cross-Cultural Teaching 

Miller, Gina

Language Arts Teacher

BA in English

Ma.Ed. in English Education

National Board Certification

Minton, Troy

Social Studies

BS:  Social Studies Education



Miskell, Mark

Science & Social Sciences Teacher

B.S. Geography Education

Monafis, Efstratios

Latin Teacher

M.A. Foreign Language Education

Moneypenny, Kimberly

Language Arts Teacher


BS: Education



Montana, Patrick

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BS:  Multi-Age Physical and Health Education

MS:  Educational Adminstration

Moore, Jordanne

English Language Arts Teacher

B.A. in Spanish and Teaching Endorsement, M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Moore, Shanin

English Teacher

BA: English
MS: Library Science

Morse, Whitney

Mathematics Teacher

B.S. Mathematics Education

Mountain, Jill

English Teacher

BA: English
MA: English

Mr. Kenny Smith


BS in Secondary Mathematics Education

Ms. Sharp

English Teacher

BA:  English

MA:  Education

Mueller, Shane

Language Arts Teacher

AA: Applied Sciences (A.A.S. - Culinary Arts)

BA:  English and Theatre 


M.S. - Education


O'Sullivan, Wendy

Language Arts Teacher

B.A. English

National Board Certified Teacher, Secondary English

Ohm, Megan

English Teacher

BA -Communication

MS -Educational Psychology

Ortiz, Rebecca

Spanish Teacher

B.S. in Education

Osner, Brent

Music Teacher

M.M.E. Music Education
B.M.E. Music Education

Parish-Warren, D’Andra

Science Teacher

M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction-Technology

B.S. Animal Science

Parker, Jamie

English Teacher

BS: Education in Integrated Language Arts


ME:  Curriculum and Instruction

Parks, Regina

Mathematics Teacher

M.S. Civil Engineering

B.S. Mathematics

Principal Licensure 4 - 12

Payne, Tricia


BS in Mathematics Education

Peacock, Maurice

English Teacher

BA: English


MLS:  Library Science

Peck, Leah

Visual Arts

Bachelor of Art  Education

Ohio State University


Pierson, Rodney

Science Teacher

MS Science Education

BS Zoology & Chemistry

Pineda, Michael

Art & Tech Ed Teacher

B.A.Visual Arts Education
B.F.A - Visual Communication Technology

Pineda, Tania

Spanish Teacher

M.A. Spanish Literature
M.Ed Secondary Education
B.S. Spanish and Psychology

Ridgeway Ph.D., Dori

Science & Mathematics Teacher

Ph.D. Educational Policy and Leadership- Cognitive Psychology/Science Education

M.Ed. Reading Supervision

B.S. Mathematics & Physics

Riemer, Norman

Physics Teacher

M.Ed.  Education Administration  

B.A. Physics

Roberson, Carmina

Music Teachers

B.M. Music Education

Rubiano, Kristina


MA in Mathematics Education

BS in Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Sanabria, Justin

Mathematics Teacher

MA Psychology

BA Mathematics

Educator License (Mathematics 6-12 & Social Sciences 6-8)

Schwab, Sarah

Biology Teacher

B.S. Biology

M.A.T. Secondary Science


Sealy, Andre

Science Teacher

 M.A.Ed. School Administration & Supervision

B.S. Biology & General Science Education


Shetyah, Shannon

Mathematics Teacher


B.S. Integrated Science & Technology

Short, Lisa

Secondary Career and Technical

​Bachelor of Business Administration

Simmons, Jennifer


Masters of Education - Instructional Technology

BS - Mathematics

Smith, Brad

Social Studies

BS Social Science Education, Certifications in Social Studies 6-12, Business, Technology Education

Smith, Crystal

English, History, and Art Teacher

BA: History

BA: Anthropology


M.Ed. Secondary Education

Smith, Karen

Mathematics & CTE Teacher

M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction 
B.S. Secondary Mathematiics

Snyder, Claiborne

Spanish and French Teacher


Sorrentino, Rick

Math & Social Studies Teacher

MS Educational Administration

BA History

Souza, Lori

Mathematics Teacher

MAT Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

BA Mathematics

St. Germaine, Kathy

Art Teacher

BA: Elementary Education Endorsements in Special Education and Art. 

MA: Education

Stanley, Kevin

Physical Education, Health and Social Studies Teacher

BS: Kinesiology 

ME: Secondary Administration

Starr, Kelley

English I through Eng IV

MA Curriculum & Instruction
BA Communication

Stephens, Julie


MAT Secondary Mathematics Education

MS Secondary Mathematics Education

EdS Curriculum Coordinator

Stirr, Elizabeth

Spanish Teacher

M.A.T. with concentration in foreign languages

Stocks, Amy

English Teacher

Stone, Rachel

Language Arts Teacher

BA: English 

Stoops, Jennifer

French Teacher

M.A. Teaching

B.S. French

Stuart, Rebecca

Physical Education and Health Teacher

BS: Health, Physical Education, Recreation 

Minor: Consumer Economics 


Sullivan, Sarah

Spanish Teacher

M.A. Applied Linguistics
B.A. Spanish

Sumner, Natasha

Language Arts Teacher

BA: Journalism

MS: Childhood Education

Sutter, Isabelle

Spanish Teacher

BS Spanish Education

Suwardi, Cheryl

Music Teacher

M.M.Ed. Music Education
CLAD through CTEL Certification
B.M.Ed. Music Education

Taggart, Hannah


MAT Secondary Education Mathematics

BS Engineering, Science, & Mechanics

Tawney, Mark

Social Studies

Masters School Administration
Bachelors Secondary Education

Theisen, Matthew


Masters in Mathematics Education

Masters in Special Education

Bachelors in Mathematics Education

Bachelors in Health Education

Towle, Kylie

Spanish Teacher

B.A. Spanish Education

Tran, Do

Mathematics Teacher

BS Computer Science

Turnbull, Julie

English Teacher

B.S.Ed. English


M.Ed. Digital Media Literacies and Learning

Ulferts, Ryan

Social Studies, English, & Computers


Vandine, Dr. Lori


EdD in Leadership & School Reform

MEd in Educational Leadership

BA in Secondary Education

Verbeke, Kate

Science Teacher



Waychoff, James

Mathematics Teacher

M.S. Curriculum & Instruction
B.S. Secondary Education - Mathematics

Weldon, Jen


BS in Secondary Math Education

Wilson, Rhoda

Art Teacher

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) 

BA:  Spanish

MA: Curriculum & Instruction


Woodlin, Peta

English Teacher

BS:  Secondary English Education

Woods, Kendall

Mathematics Teacher

M.S. Educational Leadership   
B.S. Mathematics

Woodward, Benjamin

French Teacher

B.A. French Language and Literature with emphasis in Education

Xue, Li

Chinese Teacher

MAT in teaching Chinese
MA in French/ TESOL
BA in English

Yang, Kou

Art Teacher

BA: Art Education

Holliday, Ulaine

Guidance Counselor

M.A. Counseling

Dombroski, Lyndsey

Guidance Counselor - Part-Time

M.Ed. School Counseling

B.S. Secondary Mathematics Education

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