Introduction to Marine Biology

This one-semester course is intended to help you familiarize yourself with the knowledge and skills required for a career in marine biology. This course has 15 lessons organized into four units. Each unit has a Unit Activity and each lesson contains one or more Lesson Activities. In the Introduction to Marine Biology course you will explore the fundamental concepts of marine biology. You will learn about the formation and characteristic features of the oceans. You will also learn about the scientific method and explore careers available in marine biology. The course will introduce you to the characteristic features of different taxonomic groups found in the ocean. You will learn about the different habitats, life forms, and ecosystems that exist in the oceans and explore the different types of adaptations marine creatures possess to survive in the ocean. You will learn about succession and the flow of energy in marine ecosystems. Finally, you will also learn about the resources that the oceans provide and the threats that the oceans face from human activities.