Music Appreciation

This one-semester elective course is intended as a practical, hands-on guide to help you understand, discuss, and appreciate music more knowledgeably. You will explore the history and evolution of music. You will also learn about the concepts and techniques in music and music listening. You will also learn about musical instruments, famous composers and artists, and key musical genres.

This course is structured into lessons and Course Activities as follows:

*The first three lessons introduce you to the elements of music and musical notation.
*In the next four lessons, you’ll learn about the history and progression of music from ancient times to the modern classical period.
*The next three lessons discuss the evolution of American folk music, and other musical forms of the Twentieth Century, such as Ragtime, Jazz, Swing, Creole, Blues, Pop, Rock and Roll, and Rock music.
*In the next three lessons, you will learn about the influence of music on society and culture, relationship between music and other art forms, and the role of music in advertising and the electronic media.
*The next two lessons describe the various compositional and expressive devices, and methods of evaluating concerts.
*The last lesson describes various career paths in music, including performing, composing, producing, and arranging.

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