Mission Statement

Mission statement

We are committed to provide a comprehensive and rigorous online learning experience that prepares today’s student for future success.


Our vision is to provide an affordable, flexible and fun learning community for students throughout the world regardless of experience, ability or circumstance by providing rigorous curriculum that meets the individual needs of every type of student, reinventing the role of the teacher and leveraging only the best technology.

We believe:

  • Learners of all ages, learning styles, locations and backgrounds should be afforded the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.
  • A collaborative working environment among administrators, faculty and students allows learners to maximize their academic potential.
  • Students in non-traditional environments are best served by combining a rigorous and engaging curriculum with highly qualified educators.
  • Educational technology can remove the barriers many students face in "brick and mortar" schools, allowing students to thrive.
  • Many students benefit from self-paced courses that adapt to their unique learning styles.
  • A learning environment should be positive and flexible.
  • Students, faculty and staff should conduct themselves ethically.
  • A safe and distraction-free learning environment enhances student achievement.
  • A high school diploma can open doors and give students better options for advancement and employment.