A Flexible, Personalized Experience That Engages Learners at All Levels

EdOptions Academy provides students with a truly personalized learning experience along with rigorous curriculum, exemplary instruction, and total commitment to student advancement.

At EdOptions Academy, we offer all of our students an alternative approach to learning in a challenging but fun and rewarding academic setting. We believe in empowering students to take control of their education and we work with each student to determine the best course of study, whether the goal is to earn a single credit or a high school diploma.

Upon enrollment in our academy, students and their families will be able to: 

  • Access our powerful, state of the art, adaptive diagnostic assessment to gauge students' skills. All incoming EdOptions Academy students receive a unique testing experience that precisely pinpoints their instructional level, strengths, and needs enabling us to tailor learning to their abilities and academic goals.
  • Choose from a catalog of over 400 elementary, middle, and high school courses, including core, elective, career and technical education, and advanced courses.
  • Access award-winning Edmentum courses 24/7, from any computer connected to the Internet; many courses are optimized for mobile devices, including tablets.
  • Participate in engaging activities designed to meet all learners' needs, including videos, audio content, and problem-based interactive lessons.
  • Work closely with supportive, certified online teachers who are committed to building strong relationships with both the student and learning coach.
  • Use pacing and progress-monitoring tools built into the learning platform to help stay on track.

Support from Teachers Experienced in Online Instruction

When students enroll in EdOptions Academy classes, they are assigned certified online teachers to guide them on their virtual learning journey. In addition to grading coursework, our online instructors are available to answer questions, help students understand class material, and stay on track to achieve their academic goals. Regular communication occurs via video conferencing, phone, and email. Teachers also offer live lessons and virtual “office hours” for real-time instruction and extra help. EdOptions teachers use our secure, web-based system to manage student grades, assignments, and tests.


I was actually homeschooled before I came [to EdOptions Academy]... I think it’s easier to do school [with EdOptions] because of all the help that is available to me. I can call any teacher; they’re there to help me out.

– Aidan, 11th Grade Student

Additional Support for Your Success

Success Zones

To help EdOptions Academy users with some of the basics of getting started, a variety of resources are available on our Success Zone pages. Here you will find a library of helpful videos and guides to refer to when you need them.

Student Success Zone   Parent Success Zone

Technical Support

1-866-890-8153 (Toll Free)

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or call (866) 890-8153 and speak with an EdOptions Academy Advisor to learn more.

Do you have questions about EdOptions Academy and the support we offer?

If you are interested in enrolling in our private online academy, call 1-833-478-7481 to speak with an EdOptions Academy Advisor.
To learn how Edmentum's EdOptions Academy can meet your school or district's needs, visit the Edmentum website.